• Hussain Liyaqatdar

Why do Medical tourists look towards India for their surgery or treatment ?

India is emerging at the forefront of global destinations that offer quality care to people from other countries within the south east asian subcontinent or other middle-east and African countries.The reason for that is more systemic than just affordable cost of surgery in India.

Hospitals in India have an entire department dedicated towards

taking care of patients that arrive from other countries to get a surgery in india for cancer, orthopedic diseases ,cataract or any such conditions.These departments are well versed in terms of making sure that these patients and their attendants are thoroughly informed about the financial,legal and medical implications of their treatment.

There are two major reasons for patients from these countries looking to india for their treatment in the recent years:

  1. No Waiting Period:

Unlike is the case with certain other developed countries,these patients don't have to get waitlisted to get access to the right options for the surgical/medical intervention required to cure the underlying disease. This is a big plus for someone who requires a Cataract surgery but has to wait for 6 months to get their treatment in their country and if they're preferring US then the cost of such treatment would be 5-10 times more than the cost it would incur for the same surgical intervention in India.

2. Availability of options:

Citizens of African or Middle eastern countries don't have access to the level of healthcare facilities within their countries and the ones that do exist quote an exorbitant cost when a similar sur

gery in india would cost them a fraction of the amount. Indian cities have developed a very sophisticated network of hospitals in the last 20 years and the doctors here are considered to be highly trained owing to the number of patients that they deal with on a month-on-month basis.

It is due to these reasons that a person suffering from cancer, arthritis, heart or liver diseases looks towards India as their preferred destination for getting their Surgery.

Apart from getting the right treatment Ind

ia also offers a lot of options for a tourist travelling on a Medical visa in terms of Liesure activities that they can do once they're discharged from the Hospital like heading to the beaches of Goa or spending their time in the backwaters of Kerela or within the hillstations of the Himalayas.

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